Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cover reveal for HELLO LOVE by Karen McQuestion

Yesterday I received an email from my brilliant (and very patient!) editor, Terry Goodman, with the heading "HELLO LOVE - FINAL COVER."  I opened the attachment, saw this cover, and fell in love. That face! Who couldn't love that face?  

I think all the back and forth with Terry (who served as mediator between me, the team, and the cover designer) was well worth it. I hope Terry agrees. It's not easy being the man in the middle. :-)

As an added bonus, author Claire Cook generously gave the book her endorsement (you can see it at the top of the cover). Claire is, of course, the bestselling author of the book MUST LOVE DOGS, among others. If you haven't read any of her books yet, you'll definitely want to check them out.

But now back to HELLO LOVE. This is the story summary:

From the bestselling author of The Long Way Home comes a charming novel about loss and the faith that restores broken lives.

A year after the death of his wife, Christine, Dan is barely holding on. But one thing gets him through the long, lonely nights and that is his cherished dog, Anni. When she is stolen from his front yard, Dan and his daughter, Lindsay, are devastated. Meanwhile in another part of town, Andrea Keller is recovering from the heartbreak of a messy divorce. After she rescues a defenseless dog from an abusive tenant, her life changes in ways she never could have anticipated.

Dan and Andrea cross paths again and again, only to keep missing each other and the opportunity of a lifetime. As Anni works to find her way home, can she bring together these two lost souls desperately in need of a second chance at happiness?

The book comes out September 16th, but is already available for pre-order. I see from the ranking and the "Also boughts" that the book has gotten some orders already, which thrills me to no end. I hope readers enjoy the book as much as I love the cover!


Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS! I can't wait to read it.

Karen McQuestion said...

Thank you, Anon! If you read it, I hope you find it enjoyable.

Teena in Toronto said...

I finished it last night and enjoyed it :)

Karen McQuestion said...

Oh Teena, I'm so glad to hear it. Thanks for letting me know!!!