Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Birthday Week at the McQuestion's

Every year about this time we break out the crepe paper and balloons. Reason being? My daughter Maria's birthday is on the 27th, and my son Jack's is on the 29th.

Below is a picture of the two of them taken about fifteen years ago. Weren't they sweet? I love how Maria was rockin' the bangs and that Jack had a binky suctioned to his face. Both of them looked quite snug in their jammies.

And boy, did they love their Mom!

I'm pretty sure they still love me, but they have other things going on now. Here's a photo taken yesterday:

(Just for the record, I told Jack to put his arm on the back of the couch behind his sister.)

Happy birthday week, Jack and Maria! As you venture out in the world, don't forget about the nice woman who used to let you put her Tupperware on your head.


Bill B said...


Karen McQuestion said...

That's the right word!

Karen Cantwell said...

July 27th is a GREAT day for a birthday -- it's mine too! :-)
And I'm sure those kids love you IMMENSELY! I know how it is though - with two teens of my own, you worry they'll start to pretend they don't know you.

Karen McQuestion said...

Karen, it's been my experience that those with July 27th birthdays are truly wonderful people! Happy belated birthday!

As for my kids starting to pretend they don't know me, does it count that my youngest now walks ten feet behind me when we're in stores? I didn't think I was THAT embarrassing, but I guess I must be.

Karen Cantwell said...

Yes, that 10 feet behind thing might be the first sign! I have a friend whose teenager makes her sit at a different table when she takes him and his friends out for lunch. :-( Let's hope it doesn't get that bad for us.

And thanks for the happy b-day. :-)

Coleslaw said...

When my son was a teen, I used to tell him that if he was embarrassed to be seen out and about with his mother, I could always pretend to be his parole officer. He was not amused. Now that he's a grown up, he actually is willing to be seen in public with me again and even invites me to meet his friends, so there is hope.

Karen McQuestion said...

Thanks for leaving a message of hope, Coleslaw. Now all I have to do is wait. :-)