Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Entertainment Weekly!

I promise my next blog post will not be all about me. Seriously, I promise. I'm starting to feel very self-absorbed with all this good news lately.

Luckily, my family brings me down to earth when I get a little too thrilled with myself. There's nothing like a fifteen-year-old asking, "Why do you always wear that coat?" to put a person in their place.

However, if you'll just indulge me one more time, this latest bit of excitement is really cool.
Entertainment Weekly online mentioned my film option.

And now I'm off to write out some bills and do some laundry, because the life of a writer is a very exciting one.




Therese said...

Wow! How neat, Karen!!! And to think, I knew you when! LOL!

Karen McQ. said...

Therese, thanks! Your enthusiasm is wonderful. :-)

cindy said...

this is so exciting for you! can't wait to get my kindle to read this one.

Bill B said...

Thank you for providing some genuine excitement -- no more "leading a life of quiet desperation"! But ... where will it end? Just keep providing good stories, pls.

Karen McQ. said...

Cindy, thanks for the comment! I hope you get your Kindle soon.

And Bill, if you're relying on my blog for some genuine excitement, well, that's a lot of pressure for me and I don't think I can take it. Please, lower your expectations. Thank you.

Bill B said...

OK, fine. My expectations are lowered and the pressure is off. "He who expecteth nothin' ain't never gonna be deceived."

Karen McQ. said...

I'm glad we've reached an understanding, Bill.