Sunday, August 23, 2009

Life is Good

I once read that if you're a middle class American you live better than 90-some percent of the world. Of course, now I can't find the source of this statistic so I can't give specifics, but trust me, I read it once. Also, I believe it.

So, if you're like me, and you're reading this on your own computer and you also have indoor plumbing and your fridge is full of food, you're doing pretty well compared to most people.

I try to remember this when I have a headache or some other minor problem. Lately I've been trying to make gratitude a part of my everyday life. When Oprah first suggested it as as way to enrich your life, I thought it was a lot of hullabaloo, but I've come around to her way of thinking. I'm a lot happier dwelling on the positives in life, rather than anguishing over the negatives. Imagine that.

Lately I have even more reason to feel blessed.

Since my two books were released on Kindle a month ago, I have been wowed by the response. They've been selling well, but even better than that, readers are enjoying them. Positive reviews have been posted on Amazon and elsewhere.

For instance, an anonymous commenter on this blog said:

I read both of your books on my Kindle. "Lies" had me laughing out loud--I never set so many bookmarks on my Kindle. "Easily Amused" was great too. I found this blog after Googling your name to see if you'd written anything else. Give us more for the Kindle!

And on (a wonderful community of Kindle owners) the books received these comments, among others:

I bought both books and I read Lies last night and it was great--I enjoyed it, fun read--my only complaint is that it wasn't long enough. I read it too fast!!!Good luck with both books!!

Karen-I absolutely loved Lies I Told My Children. I could so totally relate to almost every single one of the stories.As I read them out loud to my husband, he kept asking if I was sure I hadn't written them! Thanks for sharing them.

I finished Lies earlier this week, thoroughly enjoyed it.Tonight I read Easily Amused in one sitting--it was great!!! The characters felt very real to me, I could picture them in my head. I loved the Lola and Hubert story--their friendship, their history, them being roommates. I loved it all!!!I'm no publisher but I feel that you have real talent, I would definitely recommend these books to others and I will definitely buy another book of yours in the future. Good luck with your writing endeavors!!!

Finished Easily Amused today and it was a wonderful read. I'd been knee deep in vampires for the past week or so and was craving something "different" than that. This suited my mood perfectly. Thanks for posting (and writing!) it.

I love the people on One of the posters there, a lovely woman named Susan, suggested that Lies I Told My Children would make a good gift book. In fact, she said, she knew of four other moms she'd buy it for "in a heartbeat." Since then, others have said the same thing. With that in mind, I'm working on making it available in paperback, hopefully within the next few weeks.

Right now, as I'm writing this blog post, Lies I Told My Children is listed at #7 on the Kindle list of books of humorous essays. There are hundreds of books in that category, so it's an honor to be ranked that high.

At the same time, Easily Amused is #23 on the Kindle list for humor in general, a listing of over 8000 books. How did this happen? I don't know, but it makes me really happy.

A big thank you to everyone who downloaded the books, recommended them to others, and left such terrific comments. I'm grateful.




Bill B said...

It warms my heart to hear you graciously acknowledge your well-erned compliments! I suppose that sounds kind of corny, but I truly mean it. In my plebeian opinion, both books are great! You'll be bringing smiles to many, many people in the coming years. And the statistics you mentioned at the beginning of your post -- well, getting the specifics is only picking nits, you hit the essence of it. Just by eating as I do, and sleeping in a comfy house, I'm living far better than well over 90% of everyone else on the planet. Saying "thank" and "you" every morning as I put each foot on the floor -- and meaning it -- works for me :-)

Karen McQ. said...

Thanks, Bill, your comment made my day! I'm not completely sure the compliments are so well-earned, but I'll take them anyway.

Keetha said...


Karen McQ. said...

Thanks Keetha!

Patsy said...

wow Karen! So happy for you!