Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This just in...

Well, hello there! I hope all of you are doing fine. I was away for a bit, not literally of course, but in the blogging sense. Every day I THOUGHT about blogging and even created whole posts in my mind. It's a shame I couldn't download those mental musings right into my computer, because some of them were really fascinating. Take it from me.

For those of you who blog, do you find yourself composing or narrating your own life in your head? I ask because a few weeks ago my husband, my mom and I went to see Michael Flatley's "Lord of the Dance" at The Riverside theater in Milwaukee. For those not familiar with the show, it's modern Celtic dancing, which tells a story without a word of dialogue. The dancing was amazing and the energy spilled over into the audience. Everyone cheered and tapped their toes and clapped. You just couldn't watch and sit still for very long. So much fun.

At intermission I did my usual flying run to get to the bathroom, and as I was heading down the stairs I heard a guy in front of me tell a friend, "I think when I put this in my blog tomorrow, I'll start by saying, Last night I enjoyed a show I didn't even want to go to." Hearing him say that, it struck me that he was only halfway through the show and rather than just enjoying it, he was already thinking about how he would write about it. Did thinking about it enhance the evening or take away from it? I'm not really sure, but there it is, a sign of how the Internet has changed modern life. Somehow I doubt Amish farmers lift hay bales and think about how best to convey the experience in writing.

Speaking of writing, I'm now working for a non-profit two mornings a week doing mostly writing related projects. I'm still at a computer, putting words together, but now I'm out in the world, dressed nicely, and interacting with others. The best part (besides the paycheck and spending time with interesting, caring people) is the temperature of the office. These ladies believe in keeping it really warm. I love that.

And in other good writing news--The Chicago Tribune, despite declaring bankruptcy, eventually paid me for my Thanksgiving article. Yay, for The Chicago Tribune! I only doubted you for a little while, and for what it's worth, I feel just awful about it.

On the fiction front, I just completely revised my latest YA novel, FAVORITE, making it much, much better. The climax is now more climactic. Heh. Despite the fact that no one has offered to publish it yet, my husband and I have already cast the movie. It's good to have that chore out of the way.

This coming weekend I am leaving my husband and three children and running off to Madison to attend a Novel Writing and Revision Workshop hosted by SCBWI-WI, and held at a retreat center. Alexandra Penfold, an editor from Simon & Schuster, and one of her authors, Laura Schaefer, will conduct the workshop. I read and enjoyed Laura Schaefer's book, The Teashop Girls, and am bringing it along in case there's an opportunity to have her sign it. I love interacting with other writers, and learning more about the craft of writing and the business end of publishing. I'm anticipating big fun, and also it will be nice to have someone else take care of meals. It's a win/win situation in my book.

I'd keep going with this post, but that's all I've got.




Therese said...

There have been times usually dealing with the boys where Andy will look at me and say that will make a great blog post. I hate to say it sometimes colors my world.

Congrats on the job, and the book...still waiting for something for my book club! :)

Karen McQ. said...

Thanks Therese! As soon as I have something for your book club, I'll let you know. :)