Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Foot in Mouth or How I Managed to Embarrass Myself

Over at the Teen Fiction Cafe website, the very witty author, Lauren Baratz-Logsted posed this question: WHAT IS A CONCLUSION YOU JUMPED TO THAT LATER PROVED TO BE SPECTACULARLY WRONG? and then opened the floor for reader responses.

Here's mine:

I've made this kind of blunder too many times to count, but one in particular comes readily to mind. I once met up with a woman I hadn't seen in about a year and she'd changed her hairstyle drastically--from very long beautiful hair, to an adorable chic short cut.

I spent about twenty minutes raving about how cute her haircut was, and saying I'd often thought of doing the same, but never had the courage to go that short.

After babbling on like this for some time, I asked, "So what made you decide to cut it?"

And she said, "I had brain surgery."

Really and truly this did happen. Even now, my face gets red thinking about it. Talk about putting things in perspective...

The bright spot in the whole thing was that the surgery was successful in eliminating her epileptic seizures. (And her hair did look cute.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, what's up with you? You haven't posted for a few days (more than a week I'm sure). Hope you're okay.

If you are ok I hope you'll post soon. I went to the link where your last post linked to and read the blogs of other writers. Nice stuff. But yours was the first i linked to (can't remember how)and fell in love with!

How's the book going? You actually inspired me to start writing again (for personal fulfillment - I am a writer in an ad agency and that writing is kinda formula-driven after a while). I've started a chick lit/romance book and hoping to finish it :)

So peace out... hope you're ok and I hear from you here soon.

Anonymous from Trinidad.

Karen McQ. said...

"The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated."

Hi Anon--it's nice to be missed, but I've been fine. Real life just interfered with my Internet life. I hate when that happens.

I'm glad you are writing again, but if you already do it professionally you don't need me for inspiration--you're already there. Good luck on the book and thanks for reading my blog!

Anonymous said...

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